Shavian fonts

These fonts contain the Shavian characters.  They come in two flavors and two file types.

The first one is a full-featured font.  It contains the full Latin-1 character set, plus a number of other extended Latin characters.  This font is designed for Unicode implementations.  The Shavian characters are located at both the Private Use area, starting at U+E700, and also in the Shavian area in plane 1 starting at U+10450.  This font is available in True Type and Open Type formats.  If you need any other format, such as Apple format, or if a font doesn't work for you, let me know and I will try to help you.

The second font is "Shavian only", which means that the Shavian characters are encoded where the Latin characters would normally go.  This allows one to write in Shavian without having to obtain any special software.  The characters are located according to the "traditional" Shavian keyboard layout.  Essentially this font duplicates the functions of other fonts which have been around a few years, such as Ross DeMeyere's two fonts, Androcles and Ghoti.  This font is also available in True Type and Open Type versions.

These fonts are made available to the public for almost any purpose.  I only ask that if you want to use them for commercial purposes, please contact me first. Also, if you find a good use for these fonts, it would be nice if you could drop me an email and let me know how well they work for you.

Please check the News section below before downloading.

Download fonts:

Latin and Shavian Unicode fonts:
esl_gothic_unicode.ttf (True Type)
esl_gothic_unicode.otf (Open Type)

Shavian only fonts:
esl_gothic_shavian.ttf (True Type)
esl_gothic_shavian.otf (Open Type)

You can also browse the full collection, which includes older versions - look at the version numbers included in the file names.



February 13, 2004: I uploaded slightly revised versions of the fonts. I corrected several small problems with the glyph shapes. Most changes were made to the Latin text section, with only a couple Shavian glyphs being altered slightly.

February 16, 2004: I just discovered that the ESL Gothic Shavian font had a couple characters in the wrong places, and I corrected that. The corrected version is now the one you will download.

November 27, 2005: I discovered some compatibility problems with the fonts. I generated new font files, which should correct the problem. If you can't get the font to work right, try downloading here:

This page last changed on November 27, 2005.

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